Thursday, February 11, 2010

why i love taylor.

Hi there! ♥
Yesterday I went to Taylor Swift's concert. It was amazing! Truly amazing!
I almost cried I was so happy! She looked so beautiful, and there were some amazing dances, an really awesome violin player and I liked it when she played with just her and her guitar :)
Taylor was really nice and sung all my favourite songs.
I loved hanging out with Hagrid, Mascara and Joolz, thanks guys!

Let me explain why I love Taylor...
So in 2008 my friends Tuna-Fish, Hagrid and Mascara introduced me to Taylor Swift. And as the years have gone by her songs have started to be a kind of like a sound track of my life. Ok ok, so she does only sing about boys and relationships but in my head I apply her songs to EVERYTHING. There is a song about my dad, fighting with my mum, about my friend with an eating disorder, school, crushes, one about my ex, one that inspires me to be brave, one about grief, one about my friend who can sometimes be a tad annoying...the list goes on. Every song has a meaning. Singing 'Our Song' in PE last year with Mascara and Hagrid until the teacher cracked it and told us we had to do some work. Singing 'Love Story' with Zhi Hui at her 15th birthday with all her lovely friends. Listening to her songs in bed late at night or at the bus stop early in the morning.

& that's why I love Taylor Swift.