Sunday, February 14, 2010

work, work, WORK

Work is slowly taking over my life. And on the one hand, I have no choice, I have to do what my bosses tell me, but on the other I could quit. And on the one hand I love the customers and the regulars make me smile so much, but on the other I hate not having much of a lunch break and feeling dead tired when I get home. I'm a waitress by the way. . .

Last week all of my favourite customers came in which is always nice. In particular my favourite lady called Maria, a grandma of two beautiful daughters. Maria is so kind and caring. She forever calls my "hun" or "darling" and tells me so much about her life without me even asking! She brings her daughters out for lunch and delights in our pink spiders. My second favourite was a women who always has a large latte and loves mushrooms! She is so kind and smiling and reminds me of a really supportive teacher. I love it.

Yesterday a women told me she was pregnant but her 3 friends who she was having breakfast didn't know. It was so funny and I felt so honored! I had to keep it a secret from her friends (passing on the message that the cheese we use is ok for pregnant women but in code). It was so weird, being told such an intimate detail and none of her friends knowing. I said congratulations and made sure her breakfast was extra delicious.

Today was Valentine's Day and all the couples were lovely, and the kids and families and loner coffee drinkers. It was sweet. Cept I'm feeling pretty drained, and can't seem to force myself to do all my maths revision. Grr.

Hope you're all having a delightful weekend. Thank you so much to my 152 followers. You guys are the best and it's a great feeling that that many people care! :) Much virtual love to all you guys!
Lots of love,
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