Wednesday, March 31, 2010

5 inspirations, april

Here are 5 things that inspire me about April and why. Enjoy!

1. Pretty colours and quotes ~I think I'm going through a faze of colour obsession, but I can't get enough of pretty colours and lovely quotes!

2. Polaroids ~Zhi Hui has a polaroid camera and she takes such beautiful shots, with every single one valued and loved, and NEVER wasted. They have a dreamy quality and to me look like an actual memory. I love it!

3. Pink flowers ~Yes, continuing my colour obsession, I'm also loving pink flowers. They are so beautiful and brighten up a room!

4. Abbey-Lee ~Abbey-Lee is a total babe, she recently got a new haircut and no doubt looks just as stunning as always.

5. Tango! ~I'm currently in the final stages of quitting my Saturday creative dance and yoga class and opting for a more structured form of dance. I love dancing and am constantly inspired but funky beats, beautiful moves and how expressive the body can be. Totally can't wait for this dance movie triller as well! CLICK HERE