Wednesday, March 17, 2010

look, listen, see, click, donate;;;;;;;march 2010

What's happening in March you may ask? Well I know you've already had a little taste of March but see what you think...
'Look Listen See Click Donate' is The Little Blog of Happiness's original idea for summing up the month ahead and I hope you enjoy! :)

Look; I know I rarely post photos of me on my blog, but I thought for this special post I would! Zhi Hui made it for me, you can 'Golden Gaytime' yourself and it makes a special polaroid gaytime picture of you if you go on their website :) Hope you like it!

Listen; Lenka's song 'Live Like Your Dying' is really beautiful and I love it. Please listen.

See; LOL (Laughing Out Loud) is a French film currently screening for Melbourne's French Film Festival. My friends Lex, Hagrid and Goose went to see it and loved it so much, saying it was the best film they had ever seen! It has the sophiscation of French films, but the corny and teen romance storylines of American movies. If you can see it, I highly recommend it. Perhaps on YouTube or if you live in Melbourne try and see it! :) Get some info here & here, and see the trailer here.

Click; Post Secret has long been one of my fav websites. Every Sunday Post Secret's blog get updated with new juicy secrets for us to identify with, be shocked, or laugh. Enjoy!

Donate; Wildlife Victoria Foundation provides 24 hr rescue and information services and has done so since 1989. It has extensive wildlife rehabilitation programs and helps wildlife killed, orphaned or injured throughout Australia. Please donate here, or for more information see here.