Sunday, March 21, 2010

slow days.

perhaps i've been too busy running around and not stopping with my life. perhaps too many late nights and not enough sleep ins, combined with too much homework and too much running for the bus. that, plus lots of extended rehearsals for sax and excessive lolly eating all has made me sick sick SICK!
so what do you do when you're feeling sick? i took my "other mum"s advice, aka. our family friend anne, and cancelled everything. i lay in bed. and did nothing. pretty much ALL weekend.
then today i went to the doctors and had some tests done to see what's wrong with me. hopefully it's nothing serious.
and so now i'm lying in my bed, a little bit like that beautiful sanctuary below, and sleeping, playing 500, dreaming of all the yummy foods i'd like, talking to friends and basically, resting. this would feel great if i wasn't so sick. it could be one of my favourite things that we as a society don't have enough time for....
a slow day
goodnight faithful followers...
p.s. before you pop off to bed, please read sanchez's joint blog 'we just don't know you yet' i'm a member and it offically opens today as a joint blog. hooray! :)