Tuesday, March 30, 2010

this is me, erimentha

So I think I should introduce myself properly, now that my lovely followers have spoken and asked for more, more, more! Thanks for much for your feedback everyone! I've lined up quite a few blogs for this week, with my aim being the post every day. Wish me luck!

My name is Erimentha, aka. Eri. My name means 'collector of thoughts, determined protector', which is why I started this blog. As a record of my thoughts, output of inspiration and for fun!
I live in Melbourne, Australia, where I go to school, work at a local cafe, hang out with my friends and play the saxophone. You probably hear me talking about lots of people that are important to me. My friends are (they all have blogger nicknames by the way): Zhi Hui, M, Lex, Da Wai, Hagrid, Mascara, Goose, Tuna Fish and Sanchez. I also adore Sabine, Clarice Bean, Gemm Stone and Maggie Moo.
I love my family and have 1 younger brother called Mr. Cricket who is mostly adorable and sometimes a pain in the ass. I like to scrapbook, make lists, eat yummy food, swim at the beach, op-shop, watch BBC tv shows, and talking on the phone.

My favourite colour at the moment is yellow, or bright bright prints. When I grow up I want to help people because I'm happiest when talking to people, helping people and learning about their lives. I want to make a difference.

Very nice to meet you indeed!