Saturday, March 6, 2010

the women who inspires me [forever]

Many of you might have heard about my favourite regular customer, aka. 'the women who inspires me'. Please read about here firstly HERE and then HERE. well today as i arrived to work my boss told me some bad news. my favourite customer died last week. her friend came in to tell us. he said she loved my cafe and that in the last 6 months of her life she never went anywhere else. he said she wanted to thank us, in particular me.
i'll never forget you my friend, i will always hold people's gaze with the same intensity and love as you did, i will thank people with absolute sincerity just as you showed me so they know that i am truly grateful, i will always laugh loudly and ask no bullshit questions. i will always try to smile even when i'm crying, and i won't ever be afraid to just cry.

there are a few more angels that have recently left this world and i would like to acknowledge them too, always in the hearts of those who love them. forever our inspirations
fight cancer, fuck cancer.