Tuesday, March 2, 2010

you are the believer

Hello readers,
I hope you like my new header and side pics.
I had a very busy but lovely weekend with our friends visiting from Norway and Thailand. My parents are finally thinking about going on an overseas holiday this year! I'm so excited, Mum and the bro's passports are sent in and so far the plan is 8 days in Thailand and 6 days in Vietnam, Lao or Malaysia!
On Saturday night my brother and dad went to see 'Bollywood' and my brother loved it so much. He is 12 soon, I can't believe it! I better get him something good! I'm thinking...a big day out with his big sister, eating lots of chocolate, going bowling (his favourite past time) and generally treating him for some fun.

Below is a poem
I would rather be ashes than dust
I would rather my spark burn out in a brilliant blaze then be stifled by dry rot
I would rather be a meteor every atom of me in magnificent glow then a sleepy and permanent planet
The proper function of a man is to live not to exist
I will not waste my days trying to prolong them
I will use my time