Sunday, April 18, 2010

dance till dawn has begun

Hello lovely bloggers,
My weekend has been very good!!!! On Saturday night was my Uncle's 50th birthday party. My friend from interstate came to visit, her name is Jarrah. I'm not good as describing why I love her so much. It's just when I'm around her I feel really calm and peaceful and she is so beautiful and always makes me smile :)
They had a live band and tons of food and basically Jarrah, Beth, and all the other cool kids of the party danced all night long! Agh! It was so much fun! Jarrah's mum like, "you just have to let go of everything, don't care if people think you're an idiot, just let the dance out of you!" And I did...and it was the best. Now I CANNOT wait to find a tango class, and I CANNOT wait to see Jarrah again at Christmas time. I hope everyone else's weekends were just as lovely as mine, and I still managed quite a lot of homework too!

*Fav customer quote of the week*
Guy: Do you think we'd be good together?
Girl: Well, I love you. But you're part of my brain.
Guy: {laughs}
Girl: Like seriously, you're a part of me. It wouldn't work. I can't date a part of me!