Saturday, April 3, 2010

easter eggs & movie madness

hello easter things,
i've afraid i didn't post yesterday. my mum and i are currently involved in some serious high-quality bonding, as mr. cricket (my brother) and my dad are interstate. they left on thursday and since then we have watched 2 audrey hepburn movies, 2 chick flicks, went on a mega shopping spree twice, went out for breakfast/lunch twice, made each other breakfast/lunch everyday, and generally have been getting along swell.
this is particularly good because sometimes my mum is an explosion of stressful dynamite who is incapable of letting anyone do anything for her and tends to stress a lot. now she just gardens constantly and we hang out. it is also good because i am feeling ten times better and my antibiotics seem to be kicking in.

Happy easter my lovely followers, enjoy your much deserved break!
xo erimentha