Wednesday, April 21, 2010

little known lovelies.

Hello all!

Thank-you to the fantastic enthusiasm of which people responding to my previous post about this blog award!
A few changes have been made to the award, now called 'little known lovelies'. as suggested by Liss the award includes people with 20 followers or less, or blogs started this year. To enter, simply comment my blog and tell me what inspires you and a little about your blog. To nominate someone else, simply comment my blog and I will contact the blog myself. The prize is a mention on both my blog and Liss's blog, and hopefully a couple more once I work out final details. And of course, the lovely knowledge that tons of people do support and love your blog!
Many people have already been entered and I will publish the results early next week.

Good luck!!!

p.s. Thank you to Liss who kindly agreed to help out with the project. Liss is an inspiration to me as such a successful and talented blogger, with a large range of creative talents. Thank you so much Liss :)