Tuesday, April 20, 2010

supporting new bloggers

Hello everyone,
Hope everything is flippin' tikety boo :)
Today I was procrastinating when I stumbled across a site about my blog! It's in Russian so I can't read much of it, but it's so flattering and I feel honored! Thank-you to whoever made it! See here.

I've also decided to set up a friendly competition to support upcoming bloggers, because I think there are a lot of beautiful yet undiscovered blogs out there! All you have to do is if you have 20 followers or less, or if you know of some really good blogs that don't have many followers, then please comment me telling me about your blog and what inspires you. After about a week I will pick the top 3 blogs and review them on my blog. Also, does anyone have any ideas of what to call this competition? I'm thinking about names but my mind's gone blank.

Let the beautiful blogs continue!