Saturday, May 1, 2010

Little Known Lovelies--WINNERS!!!!


Hello everyone,
Thank you to every single blog that was entered in 'Little Known Lovelies', or people who simply offered support and encouragement! I'm so proud of how this award took off and touched so many different kinds of blogs! In the end, 133 blogs were entered and after many hours of sorting through amazing blogs, being inspired and making shortlists, the results must be delivered!!!
The winners of the most beautiful and possibly the hardest competition to judge ever go to. . .
Michelle, Clare & Manisay, with an honorable mention to Alive & Emily.
Congratulations to all these blogs who not only will feature on my blog but also on Liss's gorgeous blog as well! Michelle's blog is filled with such gorgeous images and has a calm gentle feeling, Clare's blog is very beautiful and has some fascinating artwork and Manisay's is full of personality with quirky images and a great layout. I'd also like to encourage Alive and Emily, whose blogs are very creative and inspire me greatly.

Congratulations to these lovely bloggers, and all who entered!

Looking through all the different types of blogs I realized something, this competition wasn't really about winning. It was about showing the blogger community that there are hundreds of blog out there that deserve to be read, commented, loved and talked about! Feel free to read through the blogs that were entered and take a look at them, each just as wonderful as the next!

~May the beautiful blogging continue!~