Wednesday, May 12, 2010

new beginnings.

Hello faithful blog readers,
Lately I have embarked on many new beginnings. At first I thought of them as endings, or quitting, or whatever. But I have decided to call them 'new beginnings' because that is what they are.
A chance to start a fresh!

The first of my new beginnings was last Sunday which was my last shift as a waitress at a local cafe. I first began way back in the September holidays and leave with a multitude of experiences, skills and friends. My last shift was mixed with sadness for leaving and relief that there will be no more 7am wake ups on Sundays.

I will however, miss the customers, especially Mark, for always asking me how I was and always replying "just swell" to how he was going. Gaye and her husband for laughing and encouraging me with continuing my interest in occupational therapy, the beautiful kids who gave me such big bright smiles, my favourite couple who always complimented me on my nail polish and smiled ever so nicely. I will miss the delicious chais, yummy eggs on olive toast, eating cream or raspberry jam when no one was looking and perhaps the extra cash!

Also this Saturday will be my last dance & yoga class, in favor of latin or ballroom (if I can find any good places!). I will miss the other dancers a lot but I feel like it's time to move on since I've been doing it for 5 years already!

However, I have also started scrap-booking almost everyday, am doing my homework like a good little girl and seem to be managing everything okay.

Hope everything is good in your worlds.
xxx Erimentha

p.s. please check out this delightful joint blog I share with Sanchez and many other talented ladies. It's about searching, and looking, for you.