Friday, May 14, 2010

weekend list.

list of things i need to do in order to get my shit together;
*study for my chinese exam (你好!)
*finish all outstanding homework
*get totally well again (i've had a low-level cold for a while now) note to self: drink lemon and honey with hot water, it helps the throat.
*keep doing my back exercises so i look like a cross between beyonce and abbey-lee. jokes, jokes.
*try and keep in contact with friends outside of school
*find a sport i like and do it regularly
*scrapbook at least 2 times a week (i forgot how much my happiness depends on it)
*find a boy who i can have lots of eye sex with
*find a pair of jeans that i like and flatter me
*clean my room regularly
*make more of an effort to clean the house
*fix my newly henna'ed hair so it looks good
*buy a new pair of gloves (preferably light blue)
*take a bath
*find something sexy to wear on saturday

happy weekend everyone. have a good one!