Thursday, June 17, 2010

life on mars

life on mars.

constantly sums up my life.

Example 1:

Sam (the main character) is standing on the top of a building, about to jump. Annie comes up behind him and says; "We all feel like jumping sometimes Sam, but we don't."

Example 2:

Sam is talking to the bar man Nelson. He asks "how do I know if all of this (gestures around the pub) is real? how do i even know if i'm alive?" nelson looks at him straight in the eyes and says in a sexy jamaican accent; "you know when you're alive cuz you feel something, and you know when you're not cuz you don't feel anything anymore".

sorry for being very quiet lately followers, and not posting much. i just feel like all i have to say is that. xoxo erimentha :)

ps. thanks to abby and emily for giving me awards, i will respond asap!