Friday, June 18, 2010

someday when/

Firstly, I think you should check out lovely Camelgirl and Sanchez, who also spoke the unspoken to their friends, family and various forms gods in a form of 'what to say'. I love all those secret messages/movie quotes and wish I had the confidence to say some of those things in real life!!! Camelgirl & Sanchez are very special bloggers indeed :)

And now, Abby gave me a blog award which didn't have any rules, except to pass to award on to 3 other wonderful bloggers. But I thought I'd show you my 5 favourite things in my bedroom...just for fun! The recipients on the award can also show us their 5 favourite things but only if they want to! Have fun; Jessie, Jokerman & Jaime

Erimentha's 5 favourite things in her room;
1. My ever growing black & white photobooth collection...

2. My nails which I have been growing for a very long time!

3. The cutest baby photo I found today

4. My new high-waisted skirt from Bardot

5. My long awaited saxaphone which I mentioned on my blog but never showed you guys, isn't it beautiful?

Have a fantastic weekend everybody! xoxo Erimentha :)