Tuesday, June 8, 2010

what to say? {3}

As you've probably noticed--The Little Blog of Happiness has undergone some amazing changes and I hope you like them! :) Feel free to comment and give any tips/suggestions, I'd love to hear from you!
So what's been happening in the life of Erimentha? Exams, exams, exams! For all that studying I'm not sure if I got the results I was aiming for. But I'm currently redefining my expectations of myself...so perhaps I did well but I'm too hard on myself? I'm not sure yet. I'm definitely passing, so it's all I can really expect!

On the weekend I went to a friend's 16th party and spent time with the lovely Zhi Hui. I also went to visit my grandpa in a nursing home because he has dementia and my grandma is overseas. It is really sad to see him in such a state and I hate that he repeats everything over and over and how unhappy he is. It's quite de-stressing. On a brighter note though, last week I got my fringe cut! It kind of looks like the pic below or above, except beautiful Zooey & Abbey-Lee are obviously total babes, so only hair wise ;)
I love it anyway!
Sorry for this exceptionally long post too! Too many things to include cuz today I'd thought I'd put together all my word pictures images into my post called 'what to say?'.
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thank you for faithfully following, and thank you to all my friends and family.

to my dad;

to all diseases;

to zhi hui;

to clarice bean;

to lex lex, for laughs;

to charlotte;

to my stressed out aunt;

to davie-poo;

to anita;

to anyone who loves skins;

to hagrid;

to a happy couple;

to myself;

to JJ;

to my mum;

to my literature teacher;

to god;

to my little brother;

to the universe;

& finally, to YOU:

lots of love,
erimentha xoxo