Saturday, July 31, 2010

facebook groups that should exist

*it's so much easier to scrape the last bits of cupcake mixture with your finger that a spoon
*french people say swear words sexier than australians
*the escalators band = shit
*the best presents don't cost any money
*i care about school, lol jk, i wanna jump off a cliff
*creaming soda is the best soft drink in the world
*the incredibles is actually the most quotable movie ever
*feel free to browse in our shop, wait, you're a teenager, please give us all your possessions in case you steal something!
*that feeling when your heart is going to explode because of how much you love someone is the best/worst feeling ever
*glow stick photos are the coolest
*walking out of a movie/concert is a life must have
*this is the coolest doritos ad ever, and everyone should vote for it now!
(ok, im a bit biased cuz it's my friends video, but please do vote for it, and also his other video here)
*you will never use algebra again in your life, but hey, you need to learn it in school!
*you're the ash to my pikachu
*rich people are more worried about spending money than broke people
*middle names make names so much more beautiful
*all maths teachers have a really weird sense of humour
*i'm really nice and helpful, lol jk, i'm a myki ticket instructor
*i always wish people would do spontaneous cartwheels in class

photo source: zhi hui :)