Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's my 16th birthday today! :)


1. the anniversary of a birth.
2. the day of a person's birth.
3. a day marking or commemorating the origin, founding, or beginning of something.
4. the festivities or celebration marking such a day or anniversary.~


i'm sweet 16 today!!! i've had a really, really good day, it's probably been the best birthday yet!
i woke up and my dad and mum hugged me and gave me presents, and then i had a shower and got dressed. i opened my present for my gorgeous god-mother, and then opened cards from my relatives. my grandparents rang and my grandpa told me i was his princess which made me smile :)
i had breakfast with my friends at a really lovely cafe with a giant picture of a mountain behind it (yummy croissant & chai), then i went to school and had maths and english in which we talked about our futures and laughed at silly jokes.
at lunch zhi hui baked an orange cake which was delicious and i gave a slice to the teachers and they were so impressed that they washed the dishes for us! and then i had a lovely chinese class with sanchezzy and andrew. after school a strange collection of bus stop friends bought me cheesecake and pink soft drink (my fav!) and i went home to hug my dog.

i'm really happy and greatful. i really like celebrating birthdays--they mean a lot to me!

ps. thank you to everyone who commented my last post. i really appreciate you guys!
jokes! i just love this pic!