Thursday, July 1, 2010

look, listen, see, click, donate;;;;;;;;;;;july

What's happening in July you may ask? Well this is The Little Blog of Happiness's original idea for summing up the month ahead! Enjoy :)

Look;; Capturing a sense of innocence and beauty this gorgeous website inspires me and gives me an overwhelming sense of calm. Magical right? Click HERE
Listen;; Crowded House has recently released their new album called 'Intriguer'. A beautiful album which has had a very positive reception from fans and critics alike. Key tracks: 'Either Side of the World', 'Elephants' and 'Amsterdam'.
See;; Toy Story 3!!! Packed with lots of fun and laughter, take your little ones along and fall in love with your favourite characters all over again!

Click;; Whenever I feel a bit too stressed I pop over to Poppy Smiles's flickr. She took a polaroid every day for a year, with each polaroid capturing what she was greatful for. You feel like part of the family 365 polaroids later. Pretty :)

Donate;; Natalia Vodianova (one of my favourite models) is the founder of the Naked Heart Foundation. A foundation which aims to build a safe and inspiring environment in which to play for all the children of Russia. Natalia was inspired to start this foundation after spending hours in dark playgrounds looking after her young sisters while her mum worked long shifts to support the family. She said they were often the only escape where she could be a kid. Naked Heart Foundation have now set up 40 playgrounds full of colour and creativity. In July they will be working to build 6 playgrounds across Russia, 8 smaller playgrounds for Russian orphanages and 1 in a rehabilitation centre. Click HERE