Monday, July 26, 2010

what to say? {4}

Hello you!
How's it going? I'm pretty good! On the weekend I had a friends 18th which was really, really fun! I met some really interesting people and danced so much! I also had lunch with my cousin Clarice Bean and did some "homework" with my school friends! Love the weekend...

Anyways, today I thought I'd do a 'What To Say', which is a blog regular I started last year. The idea is to find funny/interesting/pretty pictures with subtitles or words that express what you want to say to someone. It's really fun and therapeutic. Feel free to try it yourself, just send me a comment so I can check it out too! For past editions see here, here & then here. Sorry for the longness, but enjoy! ;)

To Jackie Fairy;;

To God;;

To super bitchy neighbour;;

To Goosey;;

To ... i dunno who, but I like this quote! hehe

To world leaders everywhere;;

To some work customers;; (jokes, jokes)

To Mimi;;

To them;;

To a stranger;;

To Zhi Hui;;

A general reminder;;

To Goosey, Hagrid & Da Wai;;

To Charlotte;;