Wednesday, July 7, 2010

winter wonderland

Hello there,
Welcome to my blog-The Little Blog of Happiness. Today it had some winter cleaning, and so I thought I'd introduce myself properly (for all those who are new to my blog). This format is based on Sanchezzy's brilliance. What can I say? She is great.

My name is Erimentha (Eri). I'm almost 16. I am growing my nails long.
I'm kind of lovely. I like colour organizing my wardrobe and I worry about my fingers freezing off.
I don't like people who are really intimidating or eat really slowly.
I just don't.
I can't change who I am... Or at least I thought that was the case.

Recently I've gone through a few changes.
I've grown up a little
I've become more sure of who I am;
right in this minute.
mostly my fears are unlikely and over the top, but that doesn't stop me thinking them.

I can't roll my tongue and I don't like having cracked lips.
I wish I could control bad news to good news ratio.
I wish I was better at maths, constructing arguments, and could lose my annoying mannerisms.
But I'm okay with my faults, there's not much point changing them.

I want to make everything ok.
I want to go overseas, take a trip far away.

I want to use every moment I have.
But sometimes I'm find this suffocating.
I find it hard to not write lists
And wish I could spend all my time having fun, instead of school.
I'm probably not as happy-go-lucky as I seem
But still, I hope that someday, one day,
I'll find meaning, the sun set moment.