Wednesday, August 25, 2010

homage to my mum

Memory #1:
I remember when mum told me her biggest mistake in high school was listening to everyone else's problems and becoming their un-paid counselor. She said to never become that. Well I'm so like my mother, and in typical Mum style I didn't take that advice, still don't. I turned into the counselor, only for a few people, but without anything in return. And I don't resent it or hate it, but it just proves how I am like her in so many ways.
Memory #2:
Mum and I are standing in our grandparents kitchen last year. We are cooking dinner together and complaining about how obsessive Grandma is about electricity (turning the toaster off as soon as our toast is popped even if we want to put another slice in). We are singing along to Leonard Cohen and dancing and Dad walks in and smiles and starts dancing too. Grandma is confused by this waste of electricity, and later when I got for a swim I see Mum and Dad both dancing in the window with Leonard Cohen way up high.
Memory #3:
Mum takes me to kinder one day. I don't want her to leave and make a big fuss and won't let go of her hand. I beg her for a new baby sister because I want a little baby to look after so bad. This was the age when all mums were heros; perfect and beautiful. The age where her hugs were better than anything, and she knew the answer to all your stupid questions, like 'what's a colour?'.
Memory #4:
Mum is telling me about her life, about her high school and her awful sister, about how much housework she did and all the homework she struggled with because her parents couldn't help her. And her crazy biker boyfriend and her first house, then her last with the white picket fence and the toilet out the back. She explains about her friends, the two Dwarfs who got married, and of her friends she met while back-packing in Italy. Her time in Bristol where she bought a big white woolen jumper and helped rape victims. And in the end, I think she's had a full life. A full on, but full life.
Memory #5:
We spend the weekend just us two, and we got see movies, laugh and cook together. We buy really pretty clothes, and are spontaneous and relaxed. And for a weekend, I think we're just like the mother and daughter in Gilmore Girls. And it feels good to do corny stuff; eat junk food, watch Audrey Hepburn movies, have dinner out and wake up late. And read next to each other in bed.