Monday, August 2, 2010

look, listen, see, click, donate;;;;;;;;;;;august

What's happening in August you may ask? Well this is The Little Blog of Happiness's original idea for summing up the month ahead! Enjoy :)

Look;; Thanks to beautiful lissy, for introducing me to an amazing photography of Maya Tetter. She is from Russia and is just so, so talented, click HERE.

Listen;; Aloe Blacc is a new musician I have recently been listening to. He is a soul/rap singer and his laid back music and general good looks make me really happy. Check him out at his myspace, fav track: I Need A Dollar.

See;; On the weekend I watched 'Forrest Gump'. It soon became one of my favourite movies, with it gorgeous humor, heartbreaking truths and loveable characters. It's about one mans extraordinary life, from shrimp fishing to the Olympics. It won 6 Oscars. Very worth watching!!! Favourite quote: "So I ran till I couldn't tell where heaven stopped and the earth began."

Click;; How Indie are you? Do you want to make all your photos into polaroids? Well this website really helps with that. SNAP! Lovin' the Ellen Page quote by the way :)

Donate;; YAMS (You Are My Sunshine) Foundation is committed to funding research for the cure of the childhood cancer Neuroblastoma. This is a rare childhood cancer which might not be highlighted the the news, but still affects people all over the globe. 50% of children diagnosed are under the age of 2 and the treatments are very brutal.
YAMS was set up to honor the beautiful life is Kahlilla Blyss, a young girl in Melbourne who died of neuroblastoma in 2008. To learn more about Kahlilla's life click here, to learn about YAMS foundation click here and to donate, please click here.

(beautiful Lilly, at a lighthouse)