Thursday, August 5, 2010

who gives a fuck about the oxford comma?

sorry bloggers for not having a greater presence. i feel like i say this a lot brother has blown our internet downloads...only this time it's 2 weeks early instead of a couple of days and i'm furious!
hmm...what's been up? well lately i've been thinking about a lot of things. mostly really boring worries such as money, futures, friends and spring. this is because subject selection is looming, as is spring (finally!)...

whenever i start freaking out about my future and which subjects i'm going to do next year, i just think of how my lovely cafe friend was an archaeologist, then teacher, then spin-doctor, then environmental small business owner, all in one life span. because life isn't fixed. and choosing one subject over another isn't going to change my life. because it's not what you learn in class, it what you learn from wagging school, and singing at musicals, and meeting hot asian saxophonists, and selling finger buns. RIGHT?
yeah. i still seem to stress though.

i've also been thinking about the type of person i am. i've decided i'm a really unfortunate type of person. i get attached to people way too easily. i form connections with people, really random people. and when i do, they mean a lot to me. like my bus driver jose, or the little blind girl i worked with on the holidays. and i think i'm affected by people more than other people...sometimes this is a good thing, because i can be super caring to strangers and very helpful to customers, and other times it just means i expect the same back, or something...i dunno. there is a michi girl quote which goes something like;;
"i wish i was a piece of clothing, with a tag that said 'hand-wash only'...for those extra delicate days."

too true michi.