Saturday, September 11, 2010

i thought blogger tag :)

Thanks to Shannon for tagging me in this very special NEW blogger tag. I am going to tag Sanchez, she'll be frickin' amazing at it.

I think...disposable photos are so much prettier, they look like memories
I thought...that everything could be fixed, eventually.
I think...that it was totally naive of me.
I thought...I'd never miss dancing but,
I think...I secrectly do.

I was going to be hard
I think...that it was so much harder than anyone could predict.
I thought...that a full life was one which was fully lived, packed full of goodness,
I think...that I hate my life when it is packed full of goodness, then I just keep craving a holiday
I brother was good at maths (turns out he got a scholarship for English)

I think...I am waiting for something big to happen, to change everything.
I thought...if I tried hard enough I could be good at anything
I think...that primary school makes you too hopeful like that.
I thought...too much about this.
ps. don't you just love Anna Karina featured in all these pics? She is beautiful.