Sunday, September 26, 2010

soppy post about friends

currently all these people have gone too to exchange and left us mere mortals behind. below are a few reasons why we miss them. . .

goosey. (france)

goosey always wins the arguments with her constant calm and forever clear thinking. she is a tv show fanatic, and loves issues and current affairs. when she grows up she is going to be an asio officer (like CIA but for australia) and speak english, french and hopefully chinese. she'll be perfect: analytical, witty and smart.


hagrid is one of those people that lightens the mood and is always willing to help. she is the stunner of our group and loves harry potter (hence her blog nickname). hagrid & goosey have the strange and amazing knack of giving the best advice and always knowing what to say. hagrid has a wide group of friends because everyone loves her so much.

da wei. (belgium)

da wei is peaceful, easy going and good to just hang with. he loves watching mega depressing and highly intelligent movies, and reads a lot as well. he knows about every civil war going on in the planet and if he stays in water too long he turns a bright shade of purple.

maggie moo. (usa)

maggie moo has been my friend since 2002. because we have known each other so long, there is no need to wear nice clothes, or make small talk. we don't even have to talk about big things going on in our lives, we sit together and appreciate each others company. i remember when maggie moo and i were in a maths help group, now she is the dux of maths. what a freak! (: maggie wants to be a psychologist when she is older and i think she'll be a damn fine one at that!

elena. (france)

elena is funny, wacky, interesting and naturally cool person. she makes every situation much more fun just by being there, but can be really serious too. elena is obsessed with black guys (who wouldn't?) and loves bob marley. she is going to have a white christmas this year, you can hear all about her adventures here.

{sanchezzy}. (china)

sanchez is in china for 2 it's not exactly a long time but it feels like that to me. she is the one who always has the answers, who you can tell a little bit of a secret, and she'll understand the whole thing. she is the one who you can go a bit crazy with, who lends you their clockwork orange t-shirt and who never gets pissed if you borrow money. she is great.