Monday, September 6, 2010

what to say? {5}

Today I am going to do a VERY long, 'What To Say', which is a blog regular I started last year. The idea is to find funny/interesting/pretty pictures with subtitles or words that express what you want to say to someone. It's really fun and therapeutic. Feel free to try it yourself, just send me a comment so I can check it out too! For past editions, click the tag "what to say". Enjoy :)

To ma bus buddy;;

To my school librarians;;

To someone...;;

To God;;

To Max;;

To her;;

To Mimi;;

To M-B;;

To lovers;;

To my grandparents;;

To the Universe;;

To Zhi Hui;;

To him;;

To Gemm;;

To my mum;;
(it reads, 'haven't you ever heard the expression 'you are what you eat?'
'haven't you ever heard the expression 'get the fuck away from me?!'

To Sanchez;;

To Hagrid;;

To the cookie monster;;

To Mascara;;

To that really annoying next door neighbour who drums;;

To my fake mum;;

To Bee;;

To Lex Lex;;

To myself;;