Tuesday, October 5, 2010

annual general meeting

Hello everyone!
Sorry I haven't been posting or commenting much. Life has been crazily good lately. I had a great holiday and got back to school yesterday. The holidays were basically spent seeing friends, working, reading books and buying new clothes. It was a really nice holiday. I felt more grown up and I am looking forward to Summer so much. My five highlights were: 1. having a picnic in the rain with Zhi Hui, M & Tuna, 2. going out for breakfast with Gemma Goo and talking for ages, 3. getting my nails done with Maddie, 4. realizing how much I love George & Cookie, 5. learning how to make Sri Lankan hot chilli sauce with my grandma :) :)
Anyway, lately I've had a bit of a blogging rut so I'd like to ask for advice on improving my blogs from the people who matter the most! The lovely people who read it! :) So are their any tips, things that I could improve? Any things you like that I should do more often? Any things you just want to ask or say. Feel free to drop me a line.
ps. How pretty is Lisa Mitchell?