Tuesday, October 12, 2010

interesting life experiences of eri:

  1. so i have this little whiteboard on my fridge that i write inspirational messages. like, 'live like you're dying' and 'make someone smile everyday :)'. yesterday's was: 'jump off a cliff ' (i wasnt having such a good day). today's is 'i've got soul, but i'm not a soldier' ©
  2. today i helped pick my friends baby brother from kinder. we walked to the bus stop and then got the bus home, with him carefully balanced on my hip. i love being stared at like a teen mum because i don't give a shit. the kid is cute and they can mind their fucking business.
  3. reading this women's diary while on the bus. it said: "today i can't keep from crying. yesterday too." and when i got off i smiled and thought i might cry a bit too.
  4. when my parents sit me down and try to explain something to me and i'm struck by how much they don't get me. parents are so hard to work out sometimes.
5. my friend painted this. i don't know why i love her so much, we barely speak. but when we do we tell each other our life stories. hers is forever imprinted in my head.