Sunday, October 24, 2010

my new exercise regime;

People keep insinuating that I'm unfit, or worse, fat. Well maybe I should make the category of "people" smaller. My family keeps insinuating that I'm unfit, know nothing about sport, and need to "get my tone back". And at first I was like, umm fuck you? But this weekend I have decided that Summer is coming up, and although I know I'm not fat or unfit, I also know I'm not toned and fit.
So, I have decided to start a exercise regime. For most of last year I did back exercises every night for half an hour which helped my back to stop hurting by building core muscles strength. I now want those muscles back, because core muscles are what make your stomach flat, and thighs and arms toned. And I've also decided to start walking my dog 3 times a week on a circuit that takes 45 minutes.
Hopefully within about a month I can start to look amazing and ready for bathers in summer, and my new 70s jumpsuit I brought from Dear Gladys (I might have to show you it to you guys soon, it's simply the best).

I hope this exercise thing works, I'll be shit if I give up this in about a week. But I thought if I wrote it all down in a blog post it would remind me to keep it up.

Super hot girl going to climb mountains in Borneo, HERE WE COME!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Thanks for the support about my saxophone exam, I'm expecting results on Monday...aghh....

ps. laughed quite a lot when 'sport', 'exercise' and 'walking' wern't regular tags of mine...hmmm? Am I proving my families stupid point? Or are they just obsessed with my brothers goal to play cricket for Australia?