Sunday, November 7, 2010

look, listen, see, click, donate;;;november 2010

What's happening in November you may ask? Well this is The Little Blog of Happiness's original idea for summing up the month ahead! Enjoy :)

New model love...Sasha Pivovarova. A Russian model, with features that remind me of Gemma Ward. She has appeared in many Vogues, as well as signing big deals with Prada, Christian Dior, Chanel, etc. She is really one to watch out for! I love her kooky shoots and style!

Listen;; To Chairlift, a band from the US. They have a fun and upbeat sound, key track 'Bruises'. Check out their Myspace here.

See;; If you live in Australia, I beg you to watch 'New Tricks' on ABC, Saturday nights at 7.30. My family treat 'New Tricks' like a religious event, never to be missed. I love the writers of 'New Tricks', the story-lines are always multilayer and the actors are brilliant. For more info click here.

Click;; Today we went out for Breakfast and I noticed as we walked past that the library window had been covered in pictures of birds, animals, words and patterns. Quite beautiful. The artist is called Chay-Ya Clancy and she has a blog called 'Drawings On Glass', click here. She is currently completing work at Flinders St Station, in the city of Melbourne. I like her idea.

Donate;; To Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease which causes infections and blockages of the lungs, as well as other organ problems. It is the most common life threatening illness for Australian children. To donate click here or support Cystic Fibrosis on Facebook, here.