Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a lovely long weekend.

So, quick life re-cap shall we?
  1. I got a B+ on my exam. My examiner said I played with, "style with much insight musically", "a warm rich tone" and my "List B was commendable today in stylistic depth". Okay, I'm getting a bit full of myself right now ain't I? Let's just say I am very proud and move on :)
  2. I had a good weekend. Had a couple of group dinners, one family one, worked a bit, it was Clarice Bean's 17th birthday, took Yoke for a walk, watched some O.C., read 5 Anne Fine books (a bit obsessed perhaps?) and realized for once I'd blown the internet downloads for the month. A first!
  3. My all girls music group called is doing a cover of Lady GaGa's 'Bad Romance' and I'm Lady GaGa's's so much fun!
I hope everyone else is doing well, thanks for all the congrats comments on my 2 years! :) It made me feel really special and happy, so thank you. It's hard to believe I'm really looking forward the next month. I know it's exams soon, but I just can't wait for Summer and all the little fun things in between! Overseas friends get back soon, and I'm expecting a letter from USA! WOOT!

Lots of love,
Erimentha xxx
ps. I think everyone should do this personality test, and then look up their results. It's tons of fun! I'm a ESTJ. We're studying this test in Psych right now. It's called the Myer Briggs test.
And now for the cutest animal ever...the emporah tamarin!