Saturday, November 13, 2010

sick of being me.

let's swap.
you can be me and i can be you.
my biggest worry will be a guy called Pie.
& my life will suddenly and inexplicity become easier.

while you will have trouble verbalising everything, have a phobia of giving directions and swing between the mood of tumbling over the edge, or perfectly happy;
i will enjoy hanging out with my friends, i will practice my lines for the school play and will excitedly look forward to the summer.
you will struggle with concentration and motivation,
while i will finish all assignments on task and get 100%.

you will be unable to think about the past, present or future.
while i will plan overseas holidays, and happily remember good times and bad.
my biggest worry will be which colour to paint my room.
your biggest worry will be that things will just keep getting worse.

darling, it would be really good if we could switch lives for a bit,
cuz right now I'm a little bit sick of being me.