Thursday, December 23, 2010

interesting life experiences of eri (2):

1. my friend ruby has an eating disorder. when she gets better she wants to get a tattoo of a blue butterfly, the symbol of the Butterfly Foundation, on her wrist. I want a tattoo for when I "get better" too. I just don't know what of.

2. I saw the hottie from the band 'Little Red' last night. He was wearing a Hawaiian t-shirt, jeans and boots. He looked amazing. Please. Have. Sex. With. Me. Now.

3. I brought a red moleskin a while ago. It's the most beautiful piece of stationary I've ever seen. I can't wait for 2011 when I can start filling it up with things to do, remember and people to see. Fuck 2010, bring on 2011 I say!!!