Saturday, December 25, 2010

merry christmas everyone!

merry christmas all! hope you have a fantastic day filled with food, family, presents and joy!
your present from me is a collection of postsecrets over this year that have made me smile, think or i have simply loved...

(this is what i hope for in my future career)

(for maggie moo)

(reminds me of J)

(reminds me of an a&j song, depressing but interesting)

(reminds me of me, so much!)

(i do this too)

(just because it's cute)

(good message)

(dear god, this postsecret sums me up)

(for hildogga)

(& again)

(for my guy friends)

(reminds me of my sister who was stillborn. i don't resent her though)

(so sweet)

(reminds me of me, just not with 911)

(yes sir, this is a good one)

(reminds me of my dad)

(this is so something i would do!)

(i swear i make this promise every year)


(sanchez and i reckon this is one of the best postsecrets ever)

(i think everyone can understand this postsecret)