Tuesday, December 14, 2010

vent list.

Pros of this time of the year:
*Lots of catch ups and hang outs with friends
*Stay up late, then sleep in
*Get to be much more independent and do cool stuff
*Have more credit for an unknown reason
*Better fashion
*Room make-overs
*Lots of letters & contact with Maggie Moo
*Bonding time with Zhi Hui & Sanchezzy
*Massages from friends
*Ever growing collection of amazing pens & postsecrets

Cons of this time of year:
*Mother gets extremely stressed, leading to point two...
*Shit family dynamics
*Christmas shopping for relatives you don't like
*Dentist appointments
*Stop talking to people on the phone as much
*When you feel sick for no reason
*Over-emotional hellos & goodbyes

Neutrals of this time of year:
*Lots of reflection on 2010
*The weather
*Sense of detachment
*Parents develop a strong multiple personality complex, in which they easily agree to some arrangements and strongly appose others