Wednesday, February 16, 2011

best free feelings:

-Those quiet moments laced with sadness (when the sadness doesn't hurt you)

-Explaining why you love someone, to someone you love

-Dying a streak of your hair pink

-When you look amazing on public transport

-When work friends start feeling like family

-When your best friend knows you better than you know yourself

-When the owner of all of Melbourne’s black and white photo booths pays for you and your brother to have a turn

-Sticking your head out of a car window

-Drinking lemonade in the shower

-When you’re just the right height to hug someone

-When you love someone with all your heart and there is no chance they will die

-When small inanimate objects bring you immerse comfort

-Writing with a nib pen

-When certain things become “yours” and people say, “that’s so Erimentha!” (Okay so I also absolutely hate this, but when that thing is so absolutely you, then it does feel fantastic)

-When you can wear something your grandma gave you everyday of the week

-When you find out your favourite bus driver used to be a Latin dance teacher

(and apologies it's been so long)