Saturday, March 26, 2011

new month resolutions:

-Stop lying to my parents just because I think they will say no, or just because it's easier. Tell the truth, for fuck sake Eri!
-Stop making external changes to match internal ones, unless it's an ear piercing for M's birthday ;)
-Get me & Zhi Hui's 4-lens camera developed
-Start doing homework every night, instead of giving up and doing nothing
-Feel more grounded
-Be able to explain things so people understand
-Don't let people down
-Be an anti-depressant, just like other people are my happiness drugs
-Practice sax so I have some chance of impressing Mr. Tumnus
-Spend more time in sexy purple expensive (but very worth it) dress and less time in school uniform
-Spend more time feeling content & loved, like on Friday night ©

Diary entry, 5/12/10:
Girls like to talk about things, boys like to fix things.
I like both. I want to talk, then fix.
But lots of things you can't fix. God knows I try.
I keep thinking and solving, working slowly on a solution.

But most of the problems I have have no solution. So I always end back at square one.