Thursday, April 14, 2011

a postcard in a plane crash {2}

dear followers,
i'm sorry i haven't been posting much. the problem is, this is 'the little blog of happiness', and while i'm not unhappy, i don't really know what to post that is happy. do i write a million lists about the things that make my day? do i post lots of cool and happy things? or do i write about what i have been up to? none of them seem adequate. and i find myself either being way too angsty or too forced. so my dilemma is: do i allow this blog to become 'the little blog of reflection'? or do i take a break until i remember how to post like i used to? i'd appreciate your thoughts please.

so while we reflect on the above, i thought i'd reintroduce myself in alfie's old tag. the idea is to write a postcard/letter to yourself. i did it way back then.

dear erimentha,
i can think of many things that i like about you. but i don't want you to overanalyze them as faults. you need to stop being so hard on yourself. you need to stop seeing all your personality traits as flaws. you need to stop saying "don't you fucking dare, god" in your head, and start saying "come on then, i dare you!". you need to remember that people always understand nothing, but much more than you can imagine.
i like how you listen and how you know what's important to people. i like your three favourite material possessions; red moleskin, tea cup with 'erimentha' painted on and a box of letters going back years and years. i think it will only get better my love.
take care,
eri xxx
p.s. "If you remember me, then I don't care if everybody else forgets"-Haruki Murakami