Thursday, April 28, 2011

what to say? {8}

Hello there,
Thank-you to everybody who gave me encouragement a few posts back. You guys make me smile so much. Thank you again.
Today I thought I'd do something a bit new for me. But not very new for Sanchezzy! Right now her whole blog is based on publishing posts 50 days after so wrote them. I have a 'What To Say' blog saved since the 20th of December 2010 that I wanted to post today. So thanks Sanchez for sort of inspiring me to post this. It's really surreal to see what was important to me, or what I wanted to say then (which is basically the whole idea behind 'What To Say'). I hope you enjoy.
Much love,
Erimentha xxx

To my friends who I've missed while they've been away;;

To my mum (about housework);;

To Jess;;

To Sanchez;;

To J;;

To Zhi Hui;;

To homophobes (and for lols);;

To Belle;;

To myself;;

To my glitter girl;;

& just because they make me smile or give me some comfort...

ps. picture credits to weheartit & wjdkyy.