Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Hello everyone,

Sorry it's been so long since my last post! I had a fantastic time with my friend Mags who was visiting from Swedan. I also went to Sydney and Morington in the school holidays which was lots of fun. Felicity tagged me in this brilliant blogger tag which I really would love to spread around the blogger world! Felicity created this tag herself, so it's pretty special. Basically, you write a letter which must begin with "Dear you" and not include any names (just pronouns). It can cover any topic under the sun. I would like to spread the love to...1) Jamila 2) Katherine & 3) Red Boots. Good luck guys, xxx.


Dear you,

I haven’t heard from you in a while. But that’s okay. I’m still gonna expect my birthday present. You never did forget it and tomorrow, being my birthday, is no exception. Every single birthday as far as I can remember I had a little white bubble wrap parcel sitting on my desk for my birthday or under the tree for Christmas. Even when you were in hospital I still got a gorgeous set of paints and a hand written card. I still remember your birthday card to me last year, ‘Happy birthday Gorgeous! I can’t believe your 16 already…write more soon. I love you too’. A lot has happened since then. I think life keeps on stripping me of my naivety, because each month that I live I keep thinking how stupid I was the month before. Why did I have that much hope or faith? What was I thinking?

Remember when you told me that being a teenager was the hardest years of your life? No adult had ever told me that before, but I’m glad you did. It’s so true. I didn’t realize the capacity we humans have for pain. And I overestimated the capacity humans have for love.

I’m not sure what you’d say to me as we are 6 months into 2011. On 12 months on from my last birthday. I know you’d be proud of me, you always were. And I know you’d be supportive of my decisions. You’d probably just tell me everything will be okay—but in a way that I could actually believe it.

I’ve been missing you. I didn’t get to tell you about my B+ on my saxophone exam, I didn’t get to tell you what happened to cheeky smile guy, or tell you more about Borneo and all the adventures I am yet to embark on. I could have told you about the divine girl I babysit called Lilly who makes me happier than anyone else I know. I might have told you all the things that people make me promise not to tell anyone else, because darling, you are the only exception. I would have told you about green vines, the best chai latte in Melbourne, seeing Tinpan Orange live in a Church and maybe I would have mentioned just as many happy things as sad things.

Wistfully awaiting your reply and attached present.

All my love,