Saturday, October 22, 2011

this week.

this week i cried in class.
one of my teachers told me that she spent a year 12 double period in the fetal position under the table.
i cried (and cry at the subsequent thought of this) because i don't like that one of my most admired mentors can be reduced to that. and also, that image is exactly how i've felt all year.

this week i laughed so hard it hurt my chest.
one of my friends was saying the word "look" too much and our stories kept interrupting each other until
we were slightly hysterial and running 50 minutes late.

this week i woke up in the middle of the night because
one (or both) of my lungs wouldn't let oxygen in.
it scared me so much, but there wasn't much i could do except wait it out.

this week i had four sacs (tests).
my family kept expecting me to freak out
but to be honest, i needed the work to distract me from everything else.

this week i tried to write everything down (i have about four blogger drafts saved).
my friend wants us to enter in a competition for spoken word
except everything i write sounds so cliched and i never can explain how much everything hurts.

this week i talked to a beautiful friend of mine who is going through a stressful time.
she said she has never been happier or sadder in her life, and wondered how this could be.
i like the way she explained the delicacy of kissing (she sounded so in love).

this week i got officially diagnosed with a medical condition.
my mum sat there and her hands shook like an old wooden house by the sea
while i stood there relieved that i could finally name this stupid thing which i just call "the flu".

this week i stopped feeling guilty. i made an effort to acknowledge the people i love. i tried to keep up with everything even though i'm dead tired and my ears kept switching off. i made several chocolate milkshakes and devoured so much bread. this week was hard on all of us.

i hope everyone has a nice weekend!
much love and thank-you for your sweet sweet comments,
eri, xxx.