Saturday, April 7, 2012

little things that make me happy:

Welcome all to autumn/spring. Autumn doesn't bring much comfort or solace, and the cold weather makes my joints hurt more. But I am thankful for a few days to gather my thoughts before term 2 begins. My family has left me alone for 3 days, what bliss! This is a blogger tag from Katherine. Task: a list of little things that make you happy. Thank you Katherine :)

A list of little things that make me happy:
  1. When my dog licks my feet under the covers
  2. Long hot showers in the mornings
  3. When my phone lights up with a text
  4. Babies and little kids who come into work
  5. Metlinking things to perfection
  6. Lying in bed reading a book
  7. Dinner parties
  8. Singing in public
  9. Joking around with my ex (he is great)
  10. Watching my friends laugh/making my friends laugh
  11. Good music up loud on our new stereo