Saturday, September 29, 2012

A poem about 2013.

In January I will arrive home from Europe,
bags brimming with stories of snow, family and friends while
February will be the month for moving out;
applications grated, boxes stacked and the i in independent duly noted.
March will be filled with kitchen decorating and trips 
to Ikea with Zhi Hui (bath mat, egg beater, clock; check!).
All days of April will be devoted to writing and the gym,
a mint bod and several messy manuscripts follow.
In May I will buy a kitten and call her Chilli
(I have always wanted a cat called Chilli) and as
June rolls on, I will finish my first draft
which does not make me blush or leave the room when read aloud,
while July will mark the beginning of my fitness course,
the steady sway of routine will cause excitement among my heart and lungs.
I'll met a fitness hottie in August
with the perfect fitness clothing to skirt ratio and in
September I'll see The Swell Season live with Mama Goose,
we'll add that to our list of 'moments of perfection'.
In October I will start dating said fitness hottie, 
I'll write love poems about exercise bikes and everyone will say I've lost it.
I'll finish my fitness course and learn to cook green thai curry in the month of November,
we'll sit on the deck sprinkling extra chilli's on top.
In December I'll finally get it together; dying my hair with a streak of pink
and spending Christmas with Zhi Hui and a beautiful cat called Chilli Clyde.