Friday, September 28, 2012

Lez be honest...

I love beauty.
I love Anna Torv.
I love girls/women.
And I love loving them.

If you'd like me to be more articulate, then perhaps I can...
I don't want to go into too many details but "working out" that I liked girls was an exquisite realisation for me. Some people talk about it being confused, upsetting, embarrassing; something evil and hidden away.

I didn't really feel that. Instead, I spent the whole time going; "wow, this feels right, this feels good, this makes me so happy". Everything I had ever told myself about finding someone started to feel even better; because I was finally experiencing it the way I wanted (with a girl). I didn't have to think about finding guys attractive anymore (can you believe that I used to make the conscious effort to post photos of guys and struggle to come up with top 5 male celebrities when my female list was over 50?).

I want to fall in love with beauty. I want to surround myself with beauty; calm, peaceful beauty. I want someone who I can wake up each morning and think "fuck, she is amazing. This feels so right". And I will.
Any other questions please read this.