Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lists for September:

Key for lists: 
* = main thought
- = sub-thought

The only good things right now:
*Wagging school/sleep in spares/days off school
-Time to be alone and in control of my actions/thoughts
*Chocolate stash in my locker and healthy food otherwise
-Surely chocolate isn't why I've put on 2kg?
*Jeanette Winterson's autobiography
-Abusive home-life, lesbian, talented writer; relatable much?
*New clothes thanks to Sarpedon and Violet Bow 
-Yellow converse shoes and pink skirt make the cutest combo
*Watching Fringe on the couch
-Anna Torv is a sex goddess 
*Illy's concert on Friday with Lex and Zhi Hui
-Hip-hop is spoken word to music :)

A selection of bad things:
*My laptop died 
-I have to use the family computer which my brother controls
*I seem incapable of doing homework
-Can you suffer from burn out without the original burn?
*My family is crazier than ever
-Both my parents have threatened to leave home if things don't get better; my coping mechanisms involve copying down the stupid things they say so I can turn it into a stage play one day
*My dislocated/fractured finger doesn't seem to be getting better
-Fuck this scar tissue shit
*University course selection is due soon
 -I still can't decide between nursing and OT
*My Chinese oral is 6 weeks away
-Think needle phobia x 2 - crying + vomming
*My friend from Bakers is leaving to live in NZ
-I'm going to miss my in-built FNAPPs, ie. Highlighter Boy, Six, Helen and Papa Goose