Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Collection of lists (2):

Things to buy before Europe:
-Thick black stockings
-Moleskin diary & special diary pens
-Small silver studs (stars is possible) to keep my ears from closing over
-Small micro-fiber towel (I lost my other one)
-High-back bathers (you have no idea how difficult this, I've spent at least 4 hours searching to no avail)
-A new sweater (I should probably resist but how gorgeous is it?!)
-Roses for my doctor (the best GP in the world)

Appointments before Europe:
-OT appointment
-Psych session 1 
-Psych session 2 (I actually really like the (affectionately nicknamed) Dick now. I trust him to make me better...)
-Centrelink phone interview
-Centrelink confirmation interview
Fighting with my dad has only strengthened my resolve to move out ASAP.

Hours to work before Europe: 42.

People to see before I leave for Europe:
 -Lozza (the long-awaited Offspring coffee date)
-Maggie Moo (perhaps dinner at the Pancake Parlour?)
-Sax Buddy (exchange literature notes and my saxophone)
-The Drehan sisters
-The Cuncas family (L's mum said we can go in their spa!)

Silly little things to take to Europe:
-Lipbalm (I need to stop biting my lips, such an annoying anxiety symptom)
-Hair brush (when I move out I'm stealing my favourite one)
-Nice smelling shampoo (a real saving grace in Borneo, thank you Jenn)
-Lex's script writing program

Beautiful moments I want to experience before Europe:
-Sitting on the couch with Zhi Hui and watching my all time favourite episode of Fringe (if you ever think you're going crazy, watch this and you'll feel so much better)
-Drinking lemon lime and bitters and eating chips with my favourite boys; Cosmas, Swan, Monthly and Future PE Teacher at my favourite pub
-Getting ready for the formal with Mama Goose; I love the pre-event stage
-Cuddling with Violet Bow in the big double bed at schoolies and swapping schoolies about crazy dads and refining what it means to recover
-Giving Dante his thank-you present and a hug (I want to engrave a tuna can with 'thank you'...it's a long story)

Music to play on repeat before Europe: