Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Collection of lists:

 "After a day when memories rained so hard
no umbrella could deflect them." --Poets on Prozac

Shopping list:
*Medication 1
*Medication 2
*Dettol (the one that smells like Borneo)
*Wound repair band-aids (I burnt my fingers)

 Adults who said congrats on finishing year 12 
(and sort of knew how much of an achievement it was):
*Dr J Marty
*Door Jam
*L & S's beautiful mum
*Ms Mountain

Most craved foods:
 *Choc-chip cookies (freshly baked)
*Banana bread
*Crackers and cheese
*Really good thai food

Words I constantly struggle to spell:

Top 5 TV shows:
(the incredibly therapeutic ones)
*New Tricks (BBC)
*Life On Mars (BBC)
*Fringe (Fox)
*One Tree Hill
*Doctor Who (BBC) 
Daily routines that calm me:
*Walking (especially my route to school or route to work)
*My internet routine (particular sites which I visit everyday)
*Tea as soon as I wake/on my way out

It's funny, at lame as it sounds, it's the predictable things that give me most satisfaction, comfort and joy. 

“And I have got no control
Over my heart, over my mind
Over the hills, the rainclouds roll
I, winter, here wait for a sign.”